Basic Shapes


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There are 4 main features to this ‘hard hat’ that will be referred to during this tutorial.


1. Create an Ellipsoid for the main surface with axis lengths of 7,8, and 9 units, centered about the world origin.

2. Make another Ellipsoid centered at world coordinates (0,-1,0). It's axis lengths are 11,7.5, and 9. This is for the outer edge of the brim.





3. In the Right view, draw a Curve of Degree 3 representing the top of the outer edge of the brim.





4. Make another Curve for the bottom edge of the brim.

(These sample videos are hosted on YouTube, so the quality isn't the best. For full-quality video you can download a more extensive "demo CD" here.)

It doesn't matter if you pick the objects to trim in a perspective or side view, when the curves are flat that is what determines the direction of the trim.

5. Select the curves, start Trim, and trim off the top and bottom of the larger ellipsoid.

6. Trim the main surface with the lower curve, just for now.


7. Hide the brim trim curves.

8. Using ExtrudeCrvToPoint, extrude the upper edge of the brim to a point 2mm above and 1mm ahead of the origin.

9. Join the extruded surface to the outer brim.