Hydraulic Design Order Form

Part NumberProduct NameUsually Ships inPrice $CDNPrice $USQuantityTotal Price
FVSDLDForm vs. Shape Advanced Rhino Training Download24 hours5549  
Products Below only available to customers in the United States and Canada
BR2Brazil V2 For Rhino24 hours520475  
RH5CPRhinoceros 5 Commercial 2-3 days1075995  
RH5CUPRhinoceros 5 Commercial Upgrade24 hours540495  
RH5BBPRhino 5/Bongo Bundle2-3 days14001295  
RH5BAPRhino 5/Flamingo/Penguin/Bongo Bundle2-3 days18001695  
FLCFlamingo NXT2-3 days540495  
FLCUPFlamingo NXT Upgrade Special24 hours195195  
PNG2Penguin 2.02-3 days320295  
PNG2UPPenguin 2.0 Upgrade2-3 days10095  
BG1Bongo 1.02-3 days540495  
Educational Versions, proof of status required
EDRHRhinoceros 5 Educational Single User24 hours219195  
EDRHURhinoceros 5 Educational Upgrade2-3 days10995  
EDRHBAEducational Rhino 5/Flamingo/Penguin/Bongo Bundle2-3 days549495  
EDBR2Brazil V2 For Rhino Educational24 hours219195  
EDFLFlamingo NXT Educational2-3 days219195  
EDFLUPFlamingo NXT Educational Upgrade2-3 days10095  
EDPNGPenguin 2.0 Educational2-3 days10095  
EDBGBongo 1.0 Educational2-3 days219195  
Educational Lab Kits-for all the computers in one classroom or 30 users on a network
KITRHRhino 5.0 Lab Kit2-3 days1065975  
KITRH4URhino 5.0 Lab Kit Upgrade2-3 days320295  
KITRHBARhino/Flamingo/Penguin/Bongo Lab Kit Bundle2-3 days29702700  
KITBR2Brazil V2 For Rhino Lab Kit2-3 days950875  
KITFLFlamingo NXT Lab Kit2-3 days740675  
KITFLUPFlamingo NXT Lab Kit Upgrade2-3 days210195  
KITPGPenguin 2 Lab Kit2-3 days410375  
KITBGBongo 1.0 Lab Kit2-3 days740675  
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